LED-panel "running line", h mm
LED-panel "running line", h mm
LED-panel "running line", h mm
LED-panel "running line", h mm
LED-panel "running line", h mm
LED-panel "running line", h mm
LED-panel "running line", h mm
LED-panel "running line", h mm

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Manufacturing production and sale of LED-panel "running line" from an advertising company Leadloom.

Best suited to increase the audience of your point of sale. Can be used separately or be part of a specific ad composition.

Led panels are a two sided, one-color (red, orange, white, green, blue), two-tone in which the third color is formed by mixing and full of color. Show you set up the advertising information with different effects. Can also show time (analog and digital), date, day of week, temperature, humidity, pressure and more. Panels have 16 levels of brightness and 100 speed text, 60 effects (scrolling text, ripple, falling snow, bubbles, lift / Elevator, etc..).

A great convenience is a non-volatile memory, auto power on and off. The fonts in "running lines" can be used any and stylization (underline, bold, italic). Have a aluminum case and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A significant advantage is small thickness, which allows to achieve high aesthetic experiences in any environment. And the maximum length can be up to 42 meters!

We also offer You car led screens. Let Your car will become a source of income.

Our boards can be divided into several (up to 10 inclusive) workspaces and show in each area other information. It is perfect for large panels, displaying exchange rates, prices, results of the matches. The development of our imagination increases the possibility of using LED-panel "running line".


  • panel thickness 18mm;
  • size him (any order);
  • panel weight 0.5 kg;
  • power consumption 4 watt;
  • extension h (pictured), and under any order;
  • possible colors: red,orange, white, green, blue (any order);
  • there are two-tone (where the third color is formed by mixing and full of color;
  • aluminium housing color super-chrome;
  • for outdoor applications use aluminum composite sheet;
  • automatic brightness control (16 levels) depending on ambient light;
  • the virtual doubling of the pixel;
  • date, time, day of the week;
  • 100 speed text;
  • 60 effects;
  • support fonts and styles;
  • non-volatile memory;
  • measure and display the temperature (to the nearest 0.1°C), atmospheric pressure and relative humidity (as an option);
  • support rs-232, rs-485 interfaces serial connection;
  • ports (usb or com);
  • control via "memory stick" (or computer);
  • downloading information via the gsm network (as an option);
  • the information output by the timer;
  • the connectivity in the network;
  • dynamic display (allows you to clearly see the image under different lighting and even under direct sunlight);
  • automatic power on / off timer;
  • software configuration and management.


  • agility is not as "just being consumed, as statistical advertisement;
  • the possibility of rapid changes in the advertising information;
  • opportunities that are lower in value relative to other sources of advertising;
  • not perceived as traditional advertising and therefore attracts more attention;
  • the possibility of selling advertising time, or sharing;
  • a large amount of information in a small area;
  • a great way to display information of different kinds (rate, currency, price, results, matches);
  • efficiency and Cologne. brightness is not inferior to the neon lights and almost the entire electrical energy is converted into light;
  • easily installed and integrated into a variety of advertising and information design;
  • slim and elegant design.
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