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Avastin 400mg of Adriblastin Alexan 1000mg 50mg Alkeran 2mg Aromazin 25 mg Asparaginase 5000 No. 6 Azelby 500mg 100mg Azelby No. 2 bikalutamid Teva 50mg Bleocin Brasilan 3.5 mg (Velcade) Vincristine Teva 2mg Herceptin, Gemzar 1G 440мг Hydroxyurea-Medak Gordox Dobutamine Gexal Dostinex Dostinex 2pcs 8pcs Zyvox 100 Zyvox 300 Zoledronate-Teva Irinotecan-Carboplatin Actavis 100mg-Teva 150mg Carboplatin-Teva 450мг Ketosteril Calcari 16мг Medrol Medrol 32mg Medrol 4mg Methotrexate 10mg Methotrexate 2.5 mg Nebido of Nexavar 200 mg Norepinephrine the Noradrenaline 4ml Agean Agean 8мл Oxaliplatin-Medak 100mg Oxaliplatin-Oxaliplatin 150mg Medak-Medak 50mg Paclitaxel-Teva 100mg Paclitaxel-Teva Paclitaxel 300-300 Ebewe Paclitaxel-30 mg 25 mg Ebewe Revlimid No. 21 20 Sandostatin Lar Sandostatin Lar 30 Simdax of Simulect of Sintaxis 260мг solu-medrol 1000mg solu-medrol 500 mg Sutent 25 mg№30 150mg Tarceva, and Masha Chemical 140мг Uromitexan 400mg Farmorubicin 10 mg Farmorubicin 50mg 100mg Viagramen fludarabine-Teva 50mg Fluorouracil-above 1G Holoxan Holoxan 1G 2G Cerebrolysin 10ml No. 5 Cisplatin-lance 50mg Cisplatin-Teva 100mg Cisplatin-Teva 50mg 1000mg Cytosar Cytosar Cytosar 100mg 500mg Elonva 150 1G Endoxan Endoxan Endoxan 200 mg TB Erbitux Etoposide-Ebewe 200 mg xeloda 500 mg No. 120 Zoladex 3,6; 10,8 Gonal Glivec,zometa, femara,, Zeprexa, Medrol, Memantine, Decapeptyl, Sortis, Pritor, Letrozole, Fluted, Coaxil, Normal, Casodex, Aromazin,, Alimta

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